Carolynn Carreno is both a knowledgeable writer and an entertaining one, a writer with a flair for language and a talent for storytelling. She can make any topic interesting, even fun, to read about." --Colman Andrews

Carolynn Carreño is a James Beard Award winning writer whose essays and feature stories have been published in the New York Times Magazine, Saveur, Gourmet, Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Playboy, The Los Angeles Times, and The Los Angeles Times Magazine, among other publications. Her work has been included in Best Food Writing anthology. Known for her ability to capture the voice and the heart of the story of the authors she works with, Carreño is also the author and coauthor of 12 cookbooks, which you will find here.

How and Why I Write About Food.  

What I Believe

  1. I believe that food matters. Everything about it, from how it was grown, how it was prepared (with resentment or love? patience or hurry?), how it was consumed (with fear or with gusto?). It all counts.

  2. I believe that what you put in your body is more important—and worth more time, effort, and money—than what you put on your body.

  3. For reasons I can’t quite explain, I think it’s important to prepare your own food. At least sometimes, and even much of the time.

  4. I believe that restaurants (or the people in them) lie about using MSG. Scratch that: I know they do.

  5. I believe that MSG is poison. When people refer to my intolerance of MSG as an “allergy,” I want to say (and usually do), yeah and I’m also allergic to drinking Windex.

  6. I believe that when people say they dislike a certain food, it’s because they haven’t had a good version of that food. Or else they are just stubborn

  7. I think that in many instances, Americans make better Italian food than Italians. (I also like American coffee more than I like espresso). So sue me.

  8. Though I do believe that eating is a sensual pleasure, and that eating with someone you love is an important ritual in any relationship, I do not think that food has any business in the bedroom. (Except, of course, crackers in bed.) Show me a woman who really and truly wants hot fudge licked out of her belly button and I will show you a woman who just wants to be loved.

  9. I think that if parents quit negotiating with their children about how many bites of this or that they eat, the children would not starve. And boy would dinner conversation be more interesting.

  10. I believe that if you are going to eat animals, you should be willing to admit that they are animals, and to look that fact in the wild green eyes. Taking an animal’s meat off the bone, removing its skin, packing it in Styrofoam, and blanketing it with sauce after it has been cooked doesn’t mean said animal was not a live, thinking, breathing, loving animal before he was your dinner. If you can’t think about that hunk of flesh on your plate as an animal, eat beans.

  11. I believe that if you don’t cook, it’s not because you don’t have time. It takes as much time to make a simple pasta or toss a quick salad as it does to microwave a meal or stop for take-out.)

  12. I believe that Oprah (or anyone else for that matter) will never keep her weight off as long as she eats low-fat foods.

  13. I believe personal trainers and the majority of nutritionists (those who tout low-fat yogurt and food diaries—you know who you are), are like pharmaceutical drug companies, perpetuate a way of thinking that is ultimately harmful to our physical and emotional well being.

  14. I believe that eating homemade food, shared with family and friends, is the foundation for a good and happy life.

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