I've never been much of a beverage person. I haven't drunk Gatorade since I was a 12 year-old girl with wiry, braided red pigtails. I have never drunk a Coca-Cola in my life (a fact that Southerners find fascinating-to-impossible). And I don't go in for iced tea or Arnold Palmers. When I'm thirsty, I drink water. Plain and simple. No ice, no fruit, no flavoring (please). But then, like love, when I least expected it, this coconut water came into my life. Taste Nirvana. (Sorry about the name. #notmyfault.)  

I picked it out of a crowded refrigerated case one hot day last summer in New York City because I liked the tall glass bottle that it came in. It's the only coconut water I've tried that tastes like the actual water of a coconut and not watered down dirty water. I've since moved over to cans, which look reassuringly like tennis ball cans. Today, at a rate of consumption between one and three cans per day, it's fair to say I'm addicted, but worse things could happen. People say coconut water has loads of potassium and is particularly good for hydrating. I drink it because I like the way it tastes. I wouldn't even know what to do with loads of potassium. Plus how much water can you really drink before you get bored? I only buy the one with pulp, which infuses the water with more coconut flavor and makes it noticeably more coconut-like than the one without pulp. As you can see from the label, the water promises "happiness inside." Who knew you could drink your way to bliss?

promisses, promisses

promisses, promisses

This dreamy anti-dehydrant is currently on sale at that great 21st Century Robber Baron, Whole Foods. You're welcome.

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