I come from a generation of American cooks who have had it pounded into them from every serious cookbook that in any recipe calling for stock, canned broth is a poor substitute for homemade. Bouillon cube? Perish the thought."





This story on the riveting subject of Bullion Cubes won me a Beard award: “Best Feature Writing with Recipes." The Los Angeles Times

This gaijin’s guide to eating sushi like a native. Read it and eat. The Los Angeles Times

The Soulful Simmer (or How Gino Angelini Taught Me to Make Duck Ragu Over the Phone), The Los Angeles Times.

A story for Food & Wine about my hometown, San Diego

profile for Food & Wine of Nancy Silverton (before she opened her restaurant phenomenon, Mozza)

Chino Family’s New Year’s Celebration for Saveur

A story about one of my favorite food groups: Salads, for Saveur

Fava Fever, a Thee-Part Story For Saveur, also nominated for a Beard award

Again for Saveur, a Family (Mine) Celebrates Christmas in Mexico City included in Best Food Writing 2004 anthology.

My first story for Saveur, on my first food love, the Monte Cristo sandwich.

The Wrap That Ate L.A. (Burritos, that is) The Los Angeles Times

I Heart Venice, California, for Coastal Living

Fiesta Like a Chef, an entertaining story for Bon Appetít about the inimitable Jimmy Shaw

photo essay on Umbria for FathomAway.com.

Stories for the Los Angeles Times Magazine


Armchair authorities on Mexican cuisine are fond of saying that burritos aren't really Mexican. It means "little donkey," they argue. It's not little, it's not a donkey -- so it couldn't possibly be autentico. As if we care."

Brownie Points (Because contrary to what some like to believe, boxed aren’t even half as good as homemade)

Fresh and Luscious (cheese, that is!), a story about fresh ricotta…

Fruits of Change (rhubarb makes a comeback)

A Personal Thanksgiving Tale (with an epic recipe for Brussels sprouts)

On a Roll (Lobster, that is)

Confessions of a Would-Be Housewife, a piece of post-feminist journalism, with recipes

Jammin’ Like Grandma (And this is where it all–that would be my career as a food writer– started…)

From Tijuana, Con Amor (or: How to make tamales? With love and family.)

Humble Pie, changing the world, one tender crust at a time

Soul on Ice, an earth shattering story on the drink that changed my life: the Michelada.

The Inheritance About Mexican breakfast and my parents divorce and a loss of identity, all in under 700 words for the Los Angeles Times Magazine

Hot for Hass: An avocado tale if err there was one.

Cinderella Citrus: That’s grapefruit, to you.


Los Angeles Times Master Class with Nancy Silverton

Focaccia, an Italian Dream comes true on Melrose Avenue

Chocolate’s Deep Dark Secrets, with recipes that will take you until next Christmas

Getting Rough with Puff Pastry (sexual inuendo not included)

Olive Oil Desserts (who knew? The Tuscans did, that’s who!)

Salads 101 (is it God or the devil that is in the details? I can never remember.)

Reconsidering the Anchovy (Not just for Caesar salads anymore!)

Frittatas (Nancy makes them eggstra special.)