If It’s the New Year, it Must Be Lentils

When I first started to experience the illuminating relationship between what I ate and how I felt, lentils became my first new friend, with brown rice a close second. At the time, I did my writing at a place called The Writers Room, an “urban writers colony,” in the Village in New York City. I […]

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September Scallops

Whenever my lovely niece Johnna asks me for a recipe, I hop to it for a few reasons. First because she is one of my favorite people on Earth and she would be yours, too, if you had the good fortune of knowing her. Second, because the lovely Johnna has a lovely little family that […]

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Tijuana’s Salad Days are Back!

I just finished reading the story in The New Yorker about the Tijuana restaurateur and pioneer, Javier Placencia, and I couldn’t be more proud. Proud of Javier Placencia and what he and his family are doing, proud of Tijuana itself, and proud of the fact that I am from Tijuana. I was born there, at […]

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Wax Ecstatic

Until Top Chef Masters 2010 season, Jonathan Waxman was like the Joe Ely of chefs. Don’t know who Joe Ely is? I rest my case. Jonathan has been called “the vegetable whisperer,” and “one of America’s first celebrity chefs.” He has influenced some of America’s most influential chefs, and yet… nobody except the people who […]

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