People who know me know that, despite the pesky fact that I have this blog, which contains a lot of information about food and that this might make me therefor a kettle-calling pot, I have a beef with food bloggers. "There is no hierarchy," I often say, quoting myself.

"Anyone can say anything!"

"The only qualification as far as I can see is the ability to type."

"And besides, who cares what you ate for dinner last night."

And then, on August 11, as if my only qualification were the ability to type, I went and issued this tweet. Umami Burger's "burger crack" = MSG. No, thank you. Why do we need chemically good? What's wrong with just "delicious."

It was a nice thought from the Department of Grumpy, but the truth is, I had no idea what I was talking about. This is no excuse but by way of explanation, I saw the word "crack" and "Japanese" in the same sentence and  immediately blinded by visions of MSG. I have major issues with MSG--bigger issues than I have with food bloggers even. And I fired off that tweet, as if it were okay to just to go around, you know... saying anything.

I started to feel pretty bad pretty quick when a friend emailed me:

Hi Carolynn [He even spelled my name correctly!]
[I'd always heard] that the "umami" means naturally occurring msg- not fake chemicals- and that's what's in [Umami's] food- all natural.
Not true?

The fact that my friend ended the email with a question mark was the part that made me feel really bad. Because it implied that he thought I knew what I was talking about. And generally I do, or at least I do my best to not just blow smoke.

I told him I'd shot the tweet off in haste and would do some research. And six weeks later [eons in blog time], I did. I read up on the subjects of umami and MSG, and learned what I can digest here as: First, this is too complicated for me to understand without more research than I actually want to do on the subject, at least here in a blog (e.g., for no pay). And second, If I was not wrong when I accused burger crack of being MSG, then that is sheer coincidence.

So this is essentially an apology, to anyone out there who might have read what I said and, in any fiber of their being, believed it. And now, onto lighter, brighter things. Wanna know what I had for dinner last night?

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