Consider this a cry for help.

Alice is coming to dinner. What should we serve? No, this isn't a riddle, or even a hypothetical question. This is a problem. (I mean, if you can call it that.) I'm talking about an evening in the near future where Alice (those of you to whom this desperate cry is directed know who I mean) is expecting to arrive at a certain place at a certain time for a casual, intimate at-home party, where she expects to be served food. And we—that's Nancy and I (Nancy and me? Oh, copy editor, where art thou?), who came up with this brilliant idea after the fund raising dinner I put together for Alice's causes in January ("Wouldn't it be nice if she could just come to my house?" Nancy said. "Without it being some big shin dig?")— want everything to be perfect. The problem is that we want each last detail from the candlesticks and the dinnerware to the farmer who grew the lettuces and the grain (or grass) ingested by what ever animal we muster up the courage to throw on the fire that night—to be Alice’s version of perfect, which is about as complicated and riddled with pitfalls as pleasing God. So this, friends, is a plea: ANY IDEAS, YOU??

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